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The following list of projects is representative of the specialist work undertaken by EEP and illustrates the diversity of our shielding projects, whose values can exceed £1M.


The Royal London and Barts Hospitals – London, UK:

  • 3 MRI rooms
  • 6 Helium quench pipe systems
  • 4 magnetic field shields
  • 650m2 lead radiation shielded walls
  • 12 radiation doors and ceiling mounted, load bearing grids.

Beatson Oncology Centre, Glasgow:

  • 16 lead lined rooms, 95 tonnes, 190m2 lead blocks, 13 lead lined doors

Edith Cavell Hospital, Peterborough:

  • 2 MRI rooms with magnetic field shielding


UK Ministry of Defence, HMS Collingwood:

  • High performance RF shielded rooms
  • EMP installations
  • RF shielded containers
  • Maintenance and RF testing of existing EMP facilities

Royal Airforce of Oman, RAFO:

  • Shielded control rooms for RAFO radar sites housing Alenia Marconi Radar

Kockums Shipyard for Royal Swedish Navy:

  • Stainless steel RF vents for Visby stealth frigate programme

United Arab Emirates Ministry of Defence, Abu Dhabi:

  • EMP cabinets, doors, waveguides and EMP testing.

Police Information and Technology Office (PITO), UK

Norwegian Ministry of Defence, Trondheim:

  • EMP cabinets.

Commercial and Civil:

T-Mobile, UK:

  • 5 modular shielded rooms for telecommunications testing

PKL Healthcare, Birmingham:

  • Magnetic field shielding of MRI room

Hubel Ltd, Hungary:

  • Tempest cabinets for Hungarian MOD

University College London

  • Low frequency shielding to ECG Lab

Oxford University

  • Low frequency shielding to ECG Lab


  • EMP & shielded room installations

CERN, Switzerland:

  • Special RF shielding

National Physical Laboratory:

  • Linear accelerator shielding

Financial and commercial institutions:

  • Architectural shielded rooms, magnetic field shielding


  • Shielded modular rooms, magnetic field shielding