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The Supporting Package.


We take a pragmatic and practical engineering approach towards our design obligations; an example being our MRI room design norms whereby:

  • Ceiling access panels are normally fitted
  • The Faraday cage panels have high integral strength
  • The roof is (i) normally suspended from the building's structure and (ii) capable of supporting the full weight of a man moving about

The policy at EEP is always to seek new ways and means to improve our products. For example, to give our MRI rooms' greater quietness, we regularly review developments in sound insulation materials.

As a pre-cursor to preparing installation drawings EEP will, when possible, undertake a site survey to augment any client supplied information. Our designs also allow for the results of any site vibration and magnetic field tests.

magnetic field tests magnetic field tests magnetic field tests

Installation & Project Management

The highly technical nature of our work requires understanding the physics involved, in addition to knowledge of electrical engineering and building construction techniques and practices. This calls for the design and installation teams to have a wide knowledge base as well as a high skill base.

Good shielding solutions require a constant application of care and attention to detail – particularly around doors and openings to ensure the efficacy of the installation is not compromised.

EEP has its own installation teams and supervisors who are skilled, multi-disciplined employees, specifically selected and trained. This is paramount as we have to work with a variety of materials, each with their own unique handling peculiarities requiring specific installation techniques.

Projects are closely monitored both on site and at Head Office so that we can tailor the programme and workload to meet the dynamics of the site and agreed critical dates.

Quality & Testing

Monitoring site work – rigorous procedures are enforced to ensure the construction quality is maintained at a consistently high level. This is paramount for radiation shielded areas where strict health physics rules apply.

Installation performance testing – for MRI rooms and other RF shielded facilities this is an in-house activity conducted by EEP staff. For ionising radiation shielded areas, any active testing is normally the responsibility of the user, but EEP can undertake this if required.

Quality & Testing Quality & Testing Quality & Testing
Quality & Testing Quality & Testing Quality & Testing
Various RF and Magnetic field site measurements

Accreditation – we operate a Quality Management System complying with International Standard BS EN 9001: 2008. EEP is approved by the British Standards Institution, Certificate No. FS 38901. Our license scope states:

The Supporting Package Health & Safety

Health & Safety

EEP operates a strict H & S policy and takes all the appropriate precautions to ensure the proper handling and storage of lead and other materials on site at all times. This is in addition to meeting the normal H & S practices and standards demanded by statute.

Entrance to lead working area
Entrance to lead working area
Site dress PPE (lead)
Site dress PPE (lead)

To ensure compliance with H & S regulations, EEP use the services of an independent advisor to carry out site inspections.

Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI / EMI)
Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI / EMI)
Radiation (X-ray, Gamma & Neutron)
Radiation (X-ray, Gamma & Neutron)
Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Fields
Electromagnetic Pulse
Electromagnetic Pulse

The purpose of installing EEP shielding systems is to:

  • Create a benign electrical environment to protect today's ever more sensitive equipment from electrical or magnetic interference
  • Ensure compliance with electromagnetic compatibility standards
  • Provide a safe working environment against radiological or magnetic field risks

As a natural extension of our MRI shielding work, EEP undertakes the technically challenging work of designing and installing the associated safety emergency quench pipe system.

Quench Pipe

More information on these four subjects can be found under 'FAQ' (Frequently Asked Questions)

A total service provider

We supply prime contractors and end users alike – both in this country and overseas. Our scope of supply is broad, ranging from the provision of a single shielded door up to a turnkey installation or an integrated package – see 'Integrated Solutions'

EEP provides specific solutions tailored to meet the client's needs and expectations and supporting this core, shielding project related activity are our:

  • Specialist shielded doors and Equipment Cabinets
  • Quench pipe safety systems allied to our MRI room installations
  • Site testing and Consultancy Services