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Defence, Industry & Research

Defence, Industry & Research Markets

Magnetic Field Shielding

Magnetic field shielding can be installed for a variety of purposes, such as stray magnetic field shielding, power frequency magnetic field shielding, DC shielding, external 50 Hz magnetic field shielding and MRI magnetic field shielding.
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Blast doors

EEP can design, assemble, install, service and test blast doors. These specialised blast resistant doors offer blast protection, required for a variety of applications, including military bunkers, nuclear power stations and munitions storage facilities.
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Gas Tight Doors

EEP offers Gas tight doors which offer gas protection guaranteed to meet the air leak standard (S3206 Standard). These doors offer Nuclear, Biological and Chemical protection (NBC protection).
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Waveguides & Fibre Optic Pipe Penetrator

Waveguide beyond cut-off (waveguide vents) are crucial for RF shielded rooms or enclosures, as they provide RF shielded ventilation, whilst still attenuating radiated interference. EEP has created a specially designed pipe penetration waveguide, which provides a means for bringing fibre optic cables into a shielded enclosure. EEP also manufactures Radio Frequency shielded pipe penetrations to allow liquids and fluids into a shielded enclosure.
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RF & HEMP Filters

RF & HEMP shielded electrical filters are designed to protect from any unwanted conducted interference. The filters we provide vary depending on the interference that is being prevented and performances required, and include Power filters, AC power filters, DC power filters, conducted attenuation filters, EMP power filters, Electro-Magnetic Pulse electrical filters, Tempest filters and Mil Std 188-125 filters.
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High Performance Power Filters

Electrical filters protect equipment in shielded facilities from conducted interference that can be carried in on conductive cables such as power lines, telephone lines, data lines. The performance of these is designed to match the performance of the shielded rooms. EEP produces a range of telephone and power filters. When surge protection is also required, be it from lightning or man-made pulses (EMP) Surge protection can be also added to these filters. EEP can carry out testing on these filters, such as EMP testing and conducted attenuation.


EEP can design, install and test TEMPEST shielding, which provides shielding against unintentional electronic emissions. This electronic eavesdropping shielding provides protection of data to the highest NATO, governmental and commercial standards.
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