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MRI Shielded Rooms

MRI Shielded Rooms

EEP can provide full MRI scanner shielded rooms. The MRI examination room is required to provide Radio Frequency (RF) shielding, which is achieved by constructing a specialised MRI Faraday cage. EEP can also design and install an MRI shielded window and shielded door for your MRI room.
EEP shields for MRI rooms will meet the MRI manufacturer's requirements.
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Helium Quench Pipe Systems

An MRI helium quench system is an important aspect of an MRI room. The cryogenic MRI quench system acts as a safety extract for ventilation of helium in an emergency. EEP provides a complete quench pipe design and installation service.
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EEP provides dimmable MRI LED lights. This MRI lighting consists of low emission lights, as well as standby batteries which provide uninterruptible MRI light in the event of a black-out.
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Radiation Shielding

EEP can provide Ionising radiation shielding, for a wide range of applications. Common medical shielding needs include X-ray shielding, CT shielding, and PET scanner shielding.
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Loading Bearing Ceilings

These medical support ceilings, for example X-ray equipment ceilings, are of a typical Unistrut ceiling design and are used to support and manoeuvre heavy medical equipment. EEP can design, supply and install the load bearing ceilings.
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