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Products & Services

EEP supplies sensor processing and display products at software component and application level, affording system integrators flexibility and convenience.

  • Blast Doors and Valves

  • Fibre Optic Pipe Penetrator

  • Gas Tight Doors

  • Helium Quench Pipe Systems (MRI)

  • Hemp Protection (EMP)

  • High Performance Electrical Filters

  • Load Bearing Ceilings

  • Magnetic Field Shielding

  • MRI Shield Rooms

  • Radiation Shielding

  • Radio Frequency Shielding (RF)

  • RF Shielded Rooms & Cabinets

  • Silentlite MRI LED Lighting

  • RF Shielded Doors

  • TEMPEST/ EMSEC Protected Areas

  • Testing & Consultancy