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Gas Tight Doors

Gas Tight Doors

EEP is a specialist manufacturer of gas tight and air tight doors, designed to protect against specific threats including radioactive, bio-hazardous and industrial by-products.


  • Bio-hazard laboratories
  • Nuclear and blast proof bunkers
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Research facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Military buildings and Universities


  • All gas tight doors are designed and manufactured by EEP according to specific needs and specifications, providing a gastight access solution for all varieties of industries or any environment requiring gas protection and pressure protection.
  • A range of seal options for our gas tight doors are available depending on the application needed. These include Neoprone for frequently used Air-lock chambers, and Viton for toxic chemical vapors on research or military facilities.
  • Optional locking systems for gas tight doors and reinforced Gas and Blast doors vary from rack and pinion, to specialist electro-mechanical access with auto deadlocking and electronic monitoring.


Gas Tight Doors
Gas Tight Doors