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Helium Quench Pipe Systems (MRI)

Helium Quench Pipe Systems

Helium Quench Pipes form a crucial part of any super conducting MRI scanner installation.
In an emergency, the liquid helium used in the scanner must be vented directly and safely to the atmosphere.
Therefore, it is paramount that the MRI Quench Pipe System is safely engineered and installed.

Quench Pipe System Applications:

  • Quench pipe must withstand the drastic shift in temperature from ambient to that of liquid helium (minus 269°C / 4° Kelvin), within seconds.
  • Quench system must discharge the potential lethal gaseous helium during an MRI quench in the safest possible manner.
  • MRI Quench System is required to protect people and installations within the vicinity of the MRI machine.


  • EEP provides a complete MRI Helium Quench Pipe design and installation service.
  • At EEP we are well versed with the cryogenic engineering practices necessary to cope with the physical impact on the MRI quench pipe system that a helium discharge produces.
  • When quench system design is undertaken in parallel with the MRI room's detailed design and installation, then practical matters such as the interface connections between the quench pipe and the MRI room become much simplified.

MRI Quench Pipe Systems are critical safety installations and as such EEP offers:

  • Quench pipe support frameworks
  • Appropriate thermal insulation for Quench System
  • Stringent installation standards
  • Strict procedures regarding materials selection
  • Expansion and contraction joints for Quench system


Quench Pipe Systems
Quench Pipe Systems