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Radiation Shielding

Radiation Shielding – Lead shielded Rooms, Doors & Windows

Radiation Shielding

The shielding we undertake primarily involves the use of lead or other high density material to shield against ionising radiation. This involves constructing walls, service penetrations, lead lined doors and lead equivalent windows and screens.

EEP design and install radiation protection systems for a wide range of applications from medical ionising radiation shielding to industrial shielding. As all projects are unique, we pride ourselves on our ability to integrate installation with all other trades.

EEP can also supply individual components such as radiation shielded doors and windows for installation by others.

Radiation Shielding Applications:

  • Shielded areas for X-ray, CT and fluoroscopy rooms
  • Shielding for Linear accelerator (linac) bunkers and Linac bunker mazes
  • PET (Positron Emission Tomography) shielded rooms


  • EEP can install chevron blocks, and lead sheets or plates of varying thickness, depending on the Radiation Protection Advisor's calculations.
  • Radiation Shielded walls can be built either as stand alone partition walls or formed against existing structural walls, to a decorative finish.
  • EEP provide support for the walls in manual or powered swing and sliding radiation shielded doors, which include neutron protection.
  • Various fixing techniques are employed to counteract the immense load put on the support structure, ensuring vertical supports can compensate for ceiling deflections.
  • Lead baffles have also been developed in order to deal with service penetrations without losing radiation shielding effectiveness.
Lead Lined Room

Lead lined room

Steel supports

Steel supports

Large duct baffle

Large duct baffle

  • All orders are designed whilst considering the dynamics of a working site and the external services which may impinge upon performance.
  • This approach allows us to regularly monitor the situation and to produce a suitable action should a possible risk be noted. This ensures any local problem can be addressed quickly, with minimal impact on the programme.
Impact of ceiling services

Impact of ceiling services

Typical additional baffles

Typical additional baffles

We provide a comprehensive package relating to radiation shielding needs – from concept to commissioning; notably for linac bunkers. This is set out under our 'Testing and Consultancy Services'.

Linac Bunker Shielding:

A linear accelerator (Linac) uses microwave technology to accelerate electrons which then collide with a heavy metal target, resulting in the release of high-energy x-rays and other types of radiation.

Although concrete is normally used to protect against this, we provide the specialist shielding associated with access routes to and within the bunker. This work includes:

  • Manufacturing and installing the neutron shielded door(s)
  • Lining passage ways i.e. the 'maze', with interlinked boronated polyethylene panels
  • Providing baffles to protect service penetrations

Where an existing linac bunker is being upgraded to accommodate a higher energy Linac, but the existing primary shielding is not sufficient, then an enhanced version of this approach can deliver:

  • Optimisation of capital expenditure
  • Maximum space utilisation from existing rooms
  • Short time scales
  • Minimum interruption to existing facilities
Construction of Linac bunker

Analysis 1, Construction of Linac bunker

Linac Maze Neutron Shielding

Analysis 2, Linac Maze Neutron Shielding

We also offer a Total, Consolidated Service relating to the shielding and monitoring requirements associated with Linac bunkers. This work includes undertaking conceptual studies, reviewing health physics issues, as well as installation and commissioning.

Positron emission tomography (PET) Protection:

  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a nuclear medical imaging technique which produces a three-dimensional image or map of functional processes in the body.
  • PET scanning is non-invasive, but does involve exposure to ionising radiation.
  • EEP offers shielding solutions which meet the requirements for the PET suite operated by the Nuclear Medicine Department.
  • To ensure that exposures are as low as reasonably achievable, lead lined walls are constructed around the area where the PET scans are conducted.
  • Shield tests conducted by EEP after photon shielding installation have concluded that annual exposures (whole body doses) to personnel inside and outside the suite are well below regulatory limits.

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Radiation Shielding
Radiation Shielding
Radiation Shielding
Radiation Shielding
Radiation Shielding