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Radio Frequency Shielding

Radio Frequency Shielding

RF Shielded Rooms

EEP provide Radio Frequency (RF) shielding, sometimes referred to as a 'Faraday Cage', to cover a wide range of frequencies from 1kHz to 40GHz.

EEP also provide RF shielded cabinets, designed to offer high levels of shielding attenuation, typically for EMPP (Electromagnetic Pulse Protection) or TEMPEST requirements.

EEP installations are used to protect MRI scanners, buildings, rooms, cabins or transportable containers. We build and fit-out to a variety of levels and performance specifications, as dictated by the user.

For Radio Frequency shielding, EEP generally uses galvanised steel, aluminium or copper, and under certain conditions stainless steel, to form the shielded Faraday cage.

For specific RF shielded products, please see below:

RF Shielded Modular Rooms (Cabins) and RF Shielded Containers

The EEP portfolio also includes self-contained RF shielded Modular Rooms (Cabins) and RF Shielded Containers. These are built to various performance specifications and fitted out to a variety of levels as dictated by the user.

Modular Room / Cabin

Shielded Modular Room / Cabin

RF shielded & fitted out Container

RF shielded &
fitted out Container

Series of QA test chambers

Large duct baffle

Radio Frequency Shielded Cabinets

All shielded cabinets are built to specific customer requirements and as such can include features such as power, telephone and data filtering, ventilation, power distribution systems and thermal insulation.

Shielding Test & Evaluation suites

We provide bespoke solutions to meet the express needs of the client. These solutions vary in physical size, shape and form of construction and include anechoic chambers.

Modular Room / Cabin

Typical fully shielded room for evaluating avionic instrumentation performance

RF Shielded Doors:

  • RF Shielded Doors are supplied with the appropriate interlocks, manual latching (standard) and micro-switch for connection to 'power off' circuits. As well as our specialist doors, we also provide conventional 'Code' lead lined doors when required.
  • We can accommodate hinged or sliding, manual or power operated doors.
  • Doors provide RF Shielding performance up to 100dB
RF Shielded Doors

RF Shielded Windows:

  • Radio frequency shielded windows are manufactured from a fine metal mesh laminated between 2 sheets of glass or acrylic.
  • These shielded windows can be fitted to MRI rooms, Radio Frequency shielded rooms and RF shielded cabinets without impinging on performance.
  • The RF shielding attenuation achieved will not only depend on the mesh but the method of connecting the mesh to the surrounding frame.
RF Shielded Windows

RF Shielded Vents and Service Penetration:

  • EEP design and manufacture a range of steel RF shielded waveguide vents specifically for high performance applications, particularly in the magnetic mode at low frequencies.
  • This type of shielded waveguide vent is typically used for military facilities requiring NEMP (Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse) Protection.
  • EEP can manufacture these RF Shielded vents in any size and with a range of flange designs to meet all applications. Paint finishes and coatings for harsh or corrosive environments can also be supplied.
  • RF service penetration is also offered to allow the flow of non-electrical services in and out of shielded rooms or cabinets. These include these include air, water, gas (e.g. for MRI Rooms), fibre optics, exhaust (e.g. for generators).


Radio Frequency Shielding
Shielded Cabinets