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Silentlite® MRI Dimmable LED Lighting

Silentlite<sup>®</sup> MRI LED Lighting

SILENTLITE® dimmable LED lighting systems were designed by European EMC Products for MRI rooms to provide a low interference and reliable alternative to Tungsten Halogen Lighting.

SILENTLITE® LED luminaires are non-magnetic and unaffected by strong magnetic fields, vastly improving reliability and reducing cost of ownership.

SILENTLITE® uses the latest LED and Power Conversion technologies to bring customers energy savings and high performance.

SILENTLITE® dimmable LED lighting Specification:

  • SILENTLITE® uses non-switch-mode technology to drive the LED lamps and to charge standby batteries, giving seamless uninterruptible illumination in the event of black-outs.
  • Our patented long life LED lamps can achieve 50,000 hours and are not affected by the magnetic fields in MRI areas. This is compared to an average of just 100 hours with normal incandescent bulbs, which often fail due to the magnetic field stressing and destroying the bulb filament.
  • By using Remote Phosphor Technology, EEP produces near daylight quality lighting (CCT 3000K; CRI 90) at higher efficacies of 60 lumens/Watt, with long bulb lifespans and with no colour degradation.
  • Also available are Virtual Skylites, which consist of 4 lightweight LED panels, with special graphics depicting a woodland or cloud scene. The Skylite and general MRI LED lighting system can be individually controlled and dimmed.