MRI Quench Pipes at the Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden

European EMC Products were involved in supplying and installing MRI quench pipes for one of the largest university hospitals in Europe and was designed to be one of the first ‘green’ hospitals in the world. The hospital offers healthcare, research and education and provides training as well as conducting world-class medical research in many fields.

A full site survey of installations and structure / finishes was carried out to enable a detailed, dimensional set of information drawings. The materials used had to comply with strict building codes as dictated by the country’s criteria such as whether they are locally sourced, or recycled, and their production methods and carbon properties.

Helium Quench Pipes form a crucial part of any super conducting MRI scanner installation. In an emergency, the potentially lethal gaseous liquid helium used in the scanner must be vented directly and safely into the atmosphere, therefore it is paramount that the MRI Quench Pipe system withstands the drastic shift in temperature from ambient to that of liquid helium (-269°C / 4° Kelvin) within seconds.

EEP offer bespoke Quench Pipe Design to approved industry and safety standards.  The quench pipes are fully welded stainless steel with contraction bellows, hard and moving soffit hangars, expansion baffles etc.