Silentlite LED Lighting, Virtual Skylite and Two Virtual Wall Panels at Bronglais Hospital

European EMC Products were approached at the early stages of a project to install a 1.5T MRI machine at Bronglais Hospital, Aberystwyth. The lighting requirements detailed to us were to supply a 6 panel MRI compatible Silentlite LED Lighting system, a 4 panel Virtual Skylite to be located above the MRI scanner, and two 6 panel wall mounted Virtual systems to be located either side of the new examination room.

Following an initial pre-installation site survey our client provided us with their chosen images to utilise for the 3 virtual systems and installation was completed over two days. 

The chosen cloud image for the virtual skylight perfectly compliments the backdrop in the room of the Aberystwyth sea front, whilst the colourful graphics in the wall panels brighten up the room.