Tempest RF Shielded Doors for the UK MOD

EEP were contracted to modify and upgrade a TEMPEST facility at a UK MOD base. The project included the design, manufacture, supply and installation of pneumatically operated, double leaf TEMPEST Shielded Doors into the existing RF shielded rooms, as well as TEMPEST Power Filters.  

As with many Cold War era facilities accurate drawings are not available and site access is difficult. EEP Engineers surveyed the location to ensure an accurate fit, as well as supplying and installing new RF Shielded Pipe Penetrations for the pneumatic compressor.

All EEP Tempest Doors are designed for ease of maintenance with clip on copper beryllium fingers rather than soldered. This is important as these doors will probably still be in service and functioning well in 30 years time. 

Post installation a shielding effectiveness test was carried out to ensure the shielding in the rooms had not been affected.