The Royal London & Barts Hospitals MRI & Ionising Radiation Installation

European EMC Products were invited to tender for a project at The Royal London & Barts Hospitals to provide RF shielding for three MRI examination rooms and various Ionising Radiation Shielding for a number of procedure rooms as part of a ten-year upgrade program.

This major installation comprised of three Faraday Cages (MRI Shielded Rooms) and Helium Quench Pipe Systems to enable safe extraction of gases. Additionally, Silentlite MRI compatible led lighting, RF Shielded Windows, RF and Control Line Filters, Penetration Plates and Waveguide Vents were installed in each of the rooms. 

The Faraday Cage panels were prefabricated offsite, this meant there was minimal disruption during the installation phase onsite, as well as allowing for an extremely time efficient installation. 

Upon completion of the works final RF Tests were carried out on the rooms to ensure they met the MRI manufacturers specifications.

The ceilings above the MRI scanner also required Magnetic Field Shielding to protect the rooms above the MRI magnetic fields.

In addition to a total of 650m2 lead radiation shielded walls, EEP also designed and installed a number of hydraulically operated lead lined shielded doors complete with control systems.