Innovation, Research & Development

In readiness for future demands, European EMC Products engages with internationally respected institutions such as the UK's National Physical Laboratory, to identify areas that will enhance the overall performance of our shielding systems.

Ongoing research into the magnetic properties of materials, coupled with experimental installation techniques, has helped us to provide smarter, improved magnetic field shielding systems - at less cost.

European EMC Products are constantly seeking ways to improve or enhance our products and services and as such we have constructed a fully functional Shielded Room at our head office in Saffron Walden. This provides realistic conditions under which we can conduct experiments and:

  • Undertake comparative performance studies to evaluate key elements e.g. shielding materials, waveguides, vision panels.
  • Develop, test and improve upon the individual components that make up the shielded room.

This also provides a realistic facility for us to give practical demonstrations to clients and to train staff.


Ongoing Upgrade Programmes

As a part of our ongoing branch review and upgrade program, a major review has recently been completed. Products or areas we are currently researching include new Blast Resistant Doors and Fire Resisting RF Doors, Remote Monitoring for EMP Filters, new Insulation Material for MRI Quench Pipes, and new Variable Control Systems for Radiation Shielded Doors.


To understand more about what we do please visit our Products section, or contact us to speak to a member of our technical team.