Integrated Engineering Solutions

European EMC Products offer full turnkey, integrated engineering solutions to all of our clients. With all operations centred at one location, the logistics of co-ordinating and consolidating a project becomes much more simplified. We are therefore ideally positioned to amalgamate all individual EEP specialist elements into one package.

The benefits gained by this approach are:

  • Reduced client project management time
  • Cost optimisation
  • Better client / contractor cooperation and understanding
  • Easier communication

To detail the usefulness of this approach our healthcare projects, particularly our installations for large National Health Service Hospitals, cover the full spectrum as they include:

  • MRI Rooms – Complete installation of the Faraday Cage, Helium Quench Pipe, Magnetic Field Shielding, Silentlite® Dimmable LED Lighting Systems and Fully Fitted Out Interiors, Medical Gasses, Power and Data Lines, etc…
  • Medical Imaging Suites - PET (Positron Emission Tomography) and PET/CT Scanner Radiation Shielding Installations.
  • MRI Quench Pipe System – Complete from the MRI scanner to the external vent.
  • Radiotherapy Treatment Facilities – Radiation shielding installations including Linear Accelerator (Linac) Bunkers.

The above can be demonstrated by viewing our case study which details our work at The Royal London & Barts Hospitals. This major installation comprised of 3 MRI Rooms (Faraday Cages), 6 Helium Quench Pipe Systems – up to 500mm and 4 Magnetic Field Shields, plus 650m2 Lead Radiation Shielded Walls, 12 Shielded Doors and Ceiling Mounted and Load Bearing Grids.

Further case studies can be viewed which typify the breadth, depth and broad experience of our service offerings at European EMC Products.