Testing the effectiveness of our Gas Tight Doors Seals with Icarus Training Systems

Cosmin Ochianu, Design Engineer at European EMC Products made contact with Icarus Training Systems to develop a method of demonstrating and testing the effectiveness of the seals on our Gas Tight Doors. 

Our high specification Doors protect against specific threats (including radioactive, bio-hazardous and industrial by-products) and are designed for both commercial and military applications . As part of our ongoing product development we test all of our products to ensure they consistently remain at a high standard, at all times.

Following a full analysis into our requirements Icarus' product technical team developed a system which could test the performance of our seals by way of pressure testing. An inflatable gas holding compartment was constructed and fitted to our door, tailored to fit our doors exact dimensions, and air was inflated to a predetermined pressure, at this point the test was then conducted.

Upon conclusion of the test Icarus provided us with the calculations to validate the testing procedures.