Blast Resistant Doors


European EMC Products offer a wide range of pre-engineered or tailor-made Blast Resistant Doors to suit a variety of applications and across a range of sectors; including but not limited to:

  • Military Bunkers
  • Ammunition Bunkers
  • Missile Test and Launch Sites
  • Chemical and Hazardous Material Storage Rooms
  • Nuclear Power Stations
  • Petrochemical and Industrial Complexes
  • Bioscience and Nanotechnology Research Buildings
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities and University Laboratories

Due to the unique nature of some projects, our design team can create a specific blast door to suit the requirements of each situation. These doors can be made to offer electromagnetic pulse protection (EMP), ionising radiation shielding, and to shield against conventional explosives and gas infiltration (see Gas Tight Doors).

Our products assure the highest level of blast protection under critical conditions for both exterior and interior environments. In addition to Blast Resistant Doors, EEP also design and manufacture a wide range of pre-engineered or tailor made Blast Resistant Valves.