Data Centres


Data Centres are used for the storage, management and dissemination of data, and are the backbone of today’s society.

External threats come in many forms; these include electronic eaves dropping, whereby users may unwittingly feed sensitive information such as passwords and account numbers to an attacker. These attacks are insidious because it is difficult to know they are happening. Other attacks include accidental or deliberate electromagnetic surges. Damaging current and extremely high voltage surges can result in the complete destruction of data processing and storage systems.

To mitigate the risk, European EMC Products can supply full protection against conducted and radiated electromagnetic interference by way of a nuclear pulse, known as an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), or a deliberate pulse generated by a non-nuclear device such as Marx generator, also known as Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI).

With our own installation and test teams operating worldwide, we offer a full turnkey solution working either as sole contractors or as part of a team alongside main contractors.