Electrical Filtering for Medical Applications


MRI examination rooms are considered to be a medical environment application. Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines can emit radio frequency (RF), utilising non-ionising electro-magnetism to image soft tissue for medical diagnosis. There are a range of filtering units that can be applied for this type of application which include:

Powerline Filters

A Powerline Filter can be used to supply power or lighting to the entire MRI room, providing shielding effectiveness within the room itself (typically towards the TEMPEST standard). Powerline Filters are adequate for the need to protect equipment within a housed shielded area to protect from the damaging and disrupting effects of electromagnetic signals.

Control Line Filtering

Control Line Filters can be used to supply power to instruments and equipment within a shielded environment. These filtering units suppress the electrical noise outputted by various connected electrical equipment at high frequencies, helping towards reducing the total amount of electrical noise within the shielded environment.

Signal Line Filtering

Signal Line Filters are versatile pieces of electrical filtration which generally are a low current filter that is small in size and works at high frequencies which help to reduce the noise to the equipment. Signal Line Filter, much like the Control Line Filter offer to suppress the electrical noise, are generally smaller in size and offer the same performance required for the specific application. 

Although the above filters are just examples of what can be utilised within a shielded MRI examination room, it is not limited to the scope of application of equipment that may be used within such an environment. 

EEP Filters offer a range of products to help suit this industry for applications of EMI and EMP. The level of TEMPEST protection on our filters is in accordance with NATO SDIP-27 Level A, Level B and Level C. And where applicable, we can also accommodate for surge protection in accordance with either MIL-STD 188-125-1 for military projects or IEC 61000-4-24, severity levels 1 & 2 for commercial applications.