Electromagnetic Field Testing & Surveys


Where an Electromagnetic Field (EMF) problem is visible or suspected, an EMF Test / EMF Survey will be required to establish the location and magnitude of the problem.

A survey for low frequency Electromagnetic Fields should normally be carried out when the affected area is in use, ie typical levels of power are being used.

European EMC Products can carry out 2D modelling of the EMF emitted from power frequency cables and distribution systems and the results of our on-site surveys will:

  • Identify the source / sources of interference
  • Quantify the level of interference
  • Identify potential solutions

Potential EMF problems can in many circumstances be anticipated and avoided by careful layout of cables and electrical equipment. If this is not possible, an EMF study can be carried out to calculate the theoretical levels of magnetic fields that will be generated. These study results can be used to determine whether EMF screening or other remedial measures will be required.

We offer a wide range of testing and surveying solutions, including EMI Testing  and EMI Surveys. If you have a requirement for testing services please get in touch to discuss the best method to suit your requirement.