EMP Filters

Our uniquely designed modular filters can be monitored in service for EMPP performance and can be developed for military, homeland security, public utility or commercial applications.


EMP Filters are designed to protect against the damaging and disrupting effects of an Electromagnetic Pulse, as well as providing protection against surges produced from solar flares, nuclear weapons and lightning strikes. Our uniquely designed modular filters, which can be monitored in service for EMPP performance, can be developed for military, homeland security, public utility or commercial applications. 

Electromagnetic Pulse Protection generally comprises of a Faraday Cage coupled with the necessary EMP Filters and Surge Suppression Systems. All cables - power, signal, data and communications (both copper and fibre optic) entering the shielded zone need to be suitably protected. EMP protected enclosures can take the form of cabinets, rooms or whole buildings, all of which can also be manufactured and supplied by EEP.

Power Line Filter Range
All lines, whether single phase or three phase, are individually filtered and feature inductive input, offering superior transient handling and good continuous EMC conducted attenuation.

Control & Telephone Line Filter Range
Our high performance range of telephone and control line filters are specifically designed to prevent interference from electromagnetic pulses, and are suitable to be used in all EMP protected installations.

To ensure compliance with the high international performance standards required to protect key infrastructure installations, our comprehensive range of EMP Filters; including Power Line Filters, our Standard and Extended performance filter range, and Control and Telephone Line Filters, are manufactured according to the highest criteria.