Gas Tight Doors & Air Tight Doors


European EMC Products is a specialist manufacturer of Gas Tight Doors and Air Tight Doors which can be found within Bio-Hazard Laboratories, Nuclear and Blast Proof Bunkers, Water Treatment Facilities, Hospitals, Military Buildings, Universities and Research Establishments.

Designed to protect against specific threats, including radioactive, bio-hazardous and industrial by-products, all of our doors are designed and manufactured according to specific needs and specifications. Our bespoke offerings thereby provide a gas tight access solution for all applications requiring gas and pressure protection.

We offer a wide range of seal options, including neoprene for frequently used air-lock chambers, or EDPM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Rubber to seal against toxic chemicals. Optional locking systems varying from conventional key locks to specialist electro-mechanical access with auto deadlocking and electronic monitoring add to our range of specialist products and offerings.

We also provide a range of gas tight door pressure testing services. Please visit our pressure testing page to learn more.