General Environmental Emissions Surveys


When a developments electronic environment needs to be known, i.e. when a datacentre is located near to high power transmitters such as airport radars, EEP can carry out background emission surveys ranging from DC to 96GHz.

The modern world functions on an ever increasing electromagnetic spectrum and this will continue to rise at a rapid rate. With these technologies conflicts and unintended consequences can unfortunately occur. Interference between different technologies and concerns for human health include the roll out of 5G technologies, or property developments being constructed near to pylons. In most cases it is essential to quantify the level of the issue or concern and to do this means undertaking emission measurement testing.

EEP are able to measure conducted and radiated signals from DC to 96 GHz as well as advise on international health and safety standards, and remedial or corrective actions. Projects we have advised on recently include interference on IT equipment from radars, reduction in mobile signals for people with electro sensitivity, and interference from power lines onto data lines on electric railways.