Modular Shielded Cabinets & Shielded Containers

Our expertise in this area means we can offer a cost effective, custom made solutionĀ for EMP & RF protection of individual & multiple pieces of equipment.


European EMC Products possess extensive knowledge and expertise in the construction of Modular RF Shielded Cabinets and Shielded Containers which meet all Electromagnetic Pulse Protection (EMPP) shielding requirements.

As part of our service offerings EEP can construct these configured to any size, from desktop to walk-in. Other features, such as filters, telephone and data filtering, ventilation, power distribution systems and thermal insulation can be included. Additional extras such as racking for the mounting of internal equipment, shock mounts and / or wheels can also be accommodated.

All EEP cabinets and filters meet Mil Std 188-125. This standard establishes minimum requirements and design objectives for high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) hardening of fixed and transportable ground-based facilities which perform critical, time-urgent command, control, communications, computer and intelligence (C41) functions.

In addition to the above, our service offerings also include the design, construction and installation of Modular EMP Shielded Containers, which includes RFID Shielded Containers. These are built to various performance specifications and fitted out to a variety of levels as dictated by the user.

Waveguide Vents are also a crucial component for any shielded building, room or enclosure, as they allow air to pass through whilst still attenuating radiated interference. As such, EEP design and manufacture a wide range of steel and aluminium waveguide vents specifically for all shielding applications.