Modular Shielded Rooms

"We provide bespoke solutions to meet the express needs of the client. These solutions vary in physical size, shape and form of construction and include an anechoic chamber."


European EMC Products offer a turnkey service in the design, fabrication and installation of Modular Shielded Rooms / EMC Chambers / Anechoic Chambers. The rooms can be built to various performance specifications and be fitted out with a variety of finishes to create the desired end use; from an office type interior to using microwave absorbers to form a semi or fully anechoic chamber.

Modular Shielded Rooms or Modular Faraday Cages are constructed using prefabricated, 2mm thick, galvanised sheet steel panels which allow for almost unlimited size and configuration options, and provide maximum shielding performance and corrosion resistance. The panels are connected using bolts, and electrically conductive mesh gasket is placed between each joint.

All rooms come fitted with Shielded Doors, Shielded Windows, Pipe Penetrations and RF Filters to complete the EMC Chamber. Furthermore, EEP can offer full lighting and electrical distribution within the rooms.

Waveguide Vents are also a crucial component for any shielded building, room or enclosure as they allow air to pass through whilst still attenuating radiated interference. As such EEP design and manufacture a wide range of steel and aluminium waveguide vents specifically for all shielding applications.