MRI Magnetic Field Shielding


Shielding against magnetic fields is crucial in any MRI installation for the safety of people, the MRI scanner itself, and other medical equipment in the surrounding area.

Magnetic fields are generated by permanent magnets, electromagnets, electric motors, electrical distribution systems and MRI Scanners. When these magnetic fields need to be contained or controlled, European EMC Products can design and install shielding.

Shielding against magnetic fields created by MRI scanners is extremely important in order to ensure that:

  • MRI scanners are unaffected by nearby ferrous masses (e.g. lifts or vehicles)
  • Medical equipment in an adjacent area can function without interference.
  • Shielding ensures that a safe environment is created for people fitted with electronic implants such as a pacemaker.

Prior to commencing the full design and installation of the physical magnetic field shielding, EEP can also plot the magnetic lines of force to verify where the magnetic field strength is located. By understanding the field shape, we are able to optimise the shield's design.

Further services offerings include:

  • Provide input during the preliminary shielding design phase.
  • Propose remedial actions for existing shielding installations.
  • Undertake Electromagnetic Field Surveys or Pre-Installation studies on EMF effects.