MRI Shielded Doors

The MRI Shielded Door is the most important part of any MRI Shielded Room therefore the design and quality of the construction is essential.


MRI scanners have revolutionised medical imaging in the last few decades. For an MRI scanner to produce high quality images it must be protected from any external electromagnetic interference and is therefore placed in a Faraday Cage.

The most important part of the Faraday Cage is the MRI RF Shielded Door which must operate for many years reducing the electronic interference, as well as operating as an acoustic door.

EEP design, manufacture and install a wide range of RF Doors for many applications, including for use within MRI scanners rooms - all of which are constructed for ease of use and maintenance.

The doors can be manufactured to be manually or pneumatically operated and come with either a standard acoustic rating or an optional enhanced acoustic rating.

As a designer and manufacturer, our range of bespoke Radio Frequency Shielded Doors provide the end user with a practical solution in line with technical specification and design requirements, and we can therefore supply any configuration required. 

To add to our service offerings, we can also supply maintenance packages on all of our MRI RF Doors.