MRI Shielded Rooms - Faraday Cage


European EMC Products provide Radio Frequency (RF) shielding for MRI rooms in the form of a Faraday Cage. These Faraday Cages cover the requirements of all the major MRI scanner manufacturers such as Siemens, Philips Medical, General Electric and Toshiba.

What is a Faraday Cage?

To function properly, an MRI scanner needs to sit in a specialised room or chamber shielded against RF interference. When creating an RF shielded room, EEP construct a Faraday Cage using pre-formed aluminium panels. Acoustic insulation is fitted and the necessary electrical power and data cabling is installed along with various services, all of which are shielded using suitable filters. 

As part of our turnkey offerings we also manufacture and supply RF Shielded Doors and possess extensive experience in the design and installation of the associated MRI Helium Quench Pipe Systems. In addition to the above, and as a pre-cursor to building the room, we can also undertake optional site vibration and magnetic field fluctuation surveys to ensure the ground conditions meet with the manufacturers specified limits.

Waveguide vents are also a crucial component for any shielded building, room or enclosure, as they allow air to pass through whilst still attenuating radiated interference. As such, EEP design and manufacture a wide range of steel and aluminium waveguide vents specifically for all shielding applications.

We have been working with MRI Scanner manufacturers and main contractors for many years, therefore we are ideally placed for all MRI shielding requirements.