Pipe Penetrations


EEP can design, manufacture and install a wide range of RF (radio frequency) shielded penetrations which include Fibre Optic Pipe Penetrations, Gas & Water Pipes and Air Conditioning Ducts. 

Dielectric materials such as fibre optic cables or gasses can be fed through the penetration without degrading the performance of a shielded enclosure.

RF Shielded Pipe Penetrations are designed to allow air or liquids, such as water (fire suppression systems) and oils (hydraulics), to pass through whilst maintaining the RF attenuation of the structure. This is achieved by the waveguide beyond cut-off principle. The ratio of pipe diameter and length will vary depending on the attenuation requirements and upper frequency limits.

EEP design and manufacture all penetration assemblies and can manufacture special assemblies as required. 

RF Shielded Enclosures may contain equipment that needs visual monitoring without opening the door and compromising the RF performance. Where the RF performance is low an RF Shielded Window is the best option. However, for high performance, i.e EMPP (Electromagnetic Pulse Protection) enclosures a window is not an option. In these cases, RF Electrical Filters or an RF Pipe Penetration should be considered.