Power Frequency Electromagnetic Field Surveys

Where an Electromagnetic Field (EMF) problem is visible or suspected, an EMF Test / EMF Survey will be required to establish the location and magnitude of the problem.


Power Frequency Magnetic Field Surveys are usually required to confirm that residential, commercial or office building locations within the vicinity of a substation meet the sites health and safety requirements.

Long term exposure to high levels of magnetic fields generated by cables and electrical equipment has long been considered detrimental to human health. Although safe exposure levels and effects are still subject to much study and controversy, the majority of governments and health advisory boards urge caution with the siting of electrical distribution equipment when building residential property, commercial or office property developments.

At the early planning stage EEP can carry out a desktop study detailing the site requirements for developments located near to large power frequency electrical equipment; i.e. living accommodation above a sub-station. This study is dictated by International health standards to ensure public safety and the potential effects on sensitive equipment. Where there is an existing magnetic field source in place, such as a sub-station, EEP can carry out site measurement testing and report on the levels and comparisons with safe practice.

In the instance of a new development, the potential maximum emitted magnetic fields from a sub-station have to calculated and their impact to adjacent areas be determined by modelling. EEP can carry out pre-construction modelling and advise on safe layouts of the site.

When power frequency magnetic fields need to be contained or controlled, European EMC Products can design and install Power Frequency Magnetic Field Shielding. We also offer a wide range of additional testing and surveying solutions, including EMI Surveys.