Power Frequency Magnetic Field Shielding


Power Frequency Magnetic Fields (PFMF) created by electrical distribution systems, electromagnets and electric motors could pose potential problems for people and equipment. When these power frequency magnetic fields need to be contained or controlled, European EMC Products can design and install shielding.

Physical screening from these power frequency magnetic fields involves placing a physical barrier of shielding material between the source of interference and the affected area. The most commonly used materials are steels.

Shielding against magnetic fields can be required for the following:

  • Commercial facilities – To ensure office equipment functions properly e.g. data processing can take place without the risk of electromagnetic interference.
  • Industrial premises - Shielding provides 'clean' test areas as well as ensures that office equipment functions correctly.
  • Apartment blocks - Ensures there is no magnetic interference to domestic electronic equipment as well as protects against potentially harmful EMF side effects for occupants.

Power Frequency Magnetic Field (PFMF) Shielding works by diverting and deflecting the power frequency magnetic field away from the affected area. The design of a shield must take into account that the magnetic field will ‘flow’ around a partial shield, but as these fields decay rapidly with distance, the extent of the shield needs to be large enough to take this into consideration. The most critical criteria when designing a shield is the level of attenuation required.

Whenever possible, technical advice should be sought at the planning stages and the problems involved in power frequency magnetic interference should be considered from the beginning and measures need to be taken to prevent or reduce them.

Power Frequency Magnetic Field Shielding (PFMF Shielding) solutions include:

  • SEM Shielding
  • TEM Shielding
  • AC Magnetic Field Shielding
  • DC Magnetic Field Shielding
  • 50/60 Hz Magnetic Field Shielding

European EMC Products service offerings include:

  • Providing an input during the preliminary shielding design phase.
  • Propose remedial actions for existing shielding applications.
  • Undertaking Electromagnetic Field Surveys or Pre-Installation Studies on EMF effects.
  • Design and installation of an appropriate shielding solution.