Shielding Effectiveness on Magnetic Shielding

In many locations the MRI scanners magnetic field can extend into public areas unless shielding is in place. Shielding Effectiveness Testing of this magnetic field must be carried out post installation of the scanner.


The intense magnetic fields produced from a scanner are what makes the MRI machine such a unique diagnostic tool. These fields can however spread beyond the examination room, and where they protrude into public areas they must be controlled or shielded.

There are international ‘norms’ for the acceptable levels of exposure to magnetic fields. Patients attending an appointment for an MRI scan are carefully vetted and the scanner area is carefully controlled, however hospital visitors and staff must be protected in areas adjacent to MRI scanners with Magnetic Field Shielding.

Where Magnetic Field Shielding has been installed, for example to protect a public corridor, its shielding effectiveness MUST be checked after the scanner is operational. EEP carry out these tests using calibrated probes to show compliance with health and safety standards, and to determine whether the room meets the scanner manufacturers requirements.