Silentlite Virtual Skylites & Wall Panels

Silentlite® - The MRI Room Lighting System of Choice, and now Virtual Skylites & Wall Panels - A State of the Art, MRI Compatible, Decorative Panel Mood Lighting System


SILENTLITE® high definition image Virtual Skylites and Wall Panels can be installed in treatment areas such as MRI Rooms and their overall aim is to provide a focal point, and therefore more calming environment, to the patient whilst they undergo their procedure. 

The top of the range virtual skylights are not just for use in MRI rooms. Both ceiling and wall panels can be manufactured for use in a variety of healthcare facilities such as X-Ray Rooms, CT Rooms, Dental Practices, Clinics and Consulting Rooms.

Our picture ceiling virtual skylight system can be incorporated within a SILENTLITE® lighting installation, or as a standalone product against an existing lighting system.


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