Silentlite Virtual Skylites & Wall Panels

Silentlite® - The MRI Room Lighting System of Choice, and now Virtual Skylites & Wall Panels - A State of the Art Decorative Panel Mood Lighting System


SILENTLITE® Virtual Skylites and Wall Panels are a decorative panel mood lighting system, and are a more recent addition to our product offerings. These relaxation lighting panels are positioned ideally to provide a focal point for the patient and there aim is to assist in creating a more relaxing environment whilst patients undergo an MRI procedure.

These high definition image, internal lighting features are not solely for use in MRI rooms. Both ceiling and wall panels can be manufactured for use in a variety of buildings / rooms such as offices, reception areas, waiting rooms and healthcare facilities such as dental practices and clinics.

Our Virtual Skylite system can be incorporated within a European EMC Products SILENTLITE® installation, or as a standalone product against an existing lighting system.



  • 220/240V 50/60Hz input.
  • 40V DC lighting system meets SELV circuit requirements.
  • Control box includes input and output RF filtration
  • Virtual Skylites consume just 25% of the power of Halogen lighting which reduces energy costs and air conditioning. .
  • High quality lighting – colour rendition index of 85; colour temperature 4100K.
  • Each panel fits a standard 600 x 600mm ceiling grid and weighs 2kg.
  • Virtual Skylites control electronics assures no possibility of strobing.
  • Optional 1 - 4 power circuits.
  • MTBF to Mil Std 217F – 30,000hrs at full illumination, 25°C ambient (Ground Benign)
  • Warranty: 12 months from practical completion.

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