Sound Masking & Eavesdropping Protection

European EMC Products can design, supply and install sound masking and eavesdropping protection systems which are globally supported and comply with all relevant standards.


Sound Masking is the addition of a specifically tailored low level electronic sound to an environment and is effective when placed at the unintentional listener location to lower the level of speech intelligibility. Masking is deployed using the latest technology from Cambridge Sound Management Masking Systems and can be installed in new build construction or retrofit projects.

Sound masking systems for speech privacy and white noise are widely deployed in the Healthcare, Legal, Financial and Corporate sectors and can include office paging and background music solutions into the functionality of the product to minimise office distractions.

Eavesdropping Protection solutions for secure rooms within the Military and Defence sectors are regularly used to protect intellectual property, mission-critical conversations and national security. The eavesdropping protection systems are designed to prevent deliberate and intentional attempts to intercept private and confidential conversations. When viewed as a six sided enclosure the breech points of most rooms can be easily identified. Windows are vulnerable to laser listening devices, ductwork can easily channel sound to adjacent areas and doors form an obvious weak point. Sound transmission through utility penetrations, access floor cavities and above suspended ceilings can create a lack of confidential privacy. All these areas can be effectively masked using specific products.