Tempest Shielding


TEMPEST Shielding creates an area that is protected from the emissions of electromagnetic signals; one in which communications – data or voice - can remain secure. This primarily consists of creating an electromagnetic clean zone in the form of a Faraday Cage.

Over the decades, TEMPEST standards have been developed primarily for military and governmental applications. The increasing digitisation of the world has meant that protection of commercial and personal information has become ever more important.

European EMC Products can design facilities to offer TEMPEST protection for both conducted and radiated signals to meet the highest NATO, governmental and commercial standards. We can also advise on other aspects of TEMPEST security, e.g. how to install equipment to minimise the potential risks before shielding.

We provide full design, installation and testing services and can construct the Tempest Shield to meet all physical configurations and applications, from desktop cabinets through to full size rooms, for both internal, external and mobile applications. As most shielding projects are unique, EEP can adapt designs to meet the end users specific needs.