A waveguide is essentially a hollow conducting tube which acts as a filter for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), but which allows air or fluids to pass. Only EMI energy at very high frequencies can pass through it with little attenuation. This is called a Wave Guide Beyond Cutoff (WGBC).

The shielding performance of waveguides is governed by the surface geometry of the apertures (length and width), the aperture depth, the shape, and total number of apertures.

European EMC Products design and manufacture a wide range of radio frequency (RF) shielded Waveguide Vents, specifically for high performance applications. EEP waveguide vents are manufactured using steel honeycomb or square matrix which allows air to pass through but attenuate radiated electromagnetic interference.

Our waveguide vents are designed for use in all high-performance EMC and TEMPEST applications requiring a robust, lightweight and low profile vent. Being manufactured from steel they offer excellent shielding performance in the H field, as well as the E field and Plane wave modes.

EEP can manufacture these vents in any size, with a range of flange designs to meet all applications. Paint finishes and coatings for harsh or corrosive environments can also be supplied.