Electromagnetic Pulse Protection (EMPP)

EMP Shielding

The EMP Shielding of critical facilities is vital to protect a functioning command and control structure from EMP type attacks.

EMP Shielded Doors

All of our doors are designed for ease of use and maintenance, and comply with all UK, NATO and international security and performance standards.

Modular Shielded Cabinets & Shielded Containers

Our custom made Shielded Cabinets & Containers are designed to meet all shielding attenuation RF (Radio Frequency) &  EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) protection requirements.

EMP Power Filters

EMP Filters protect equipment in shielded facilities from conducted interference which can be carried in via conductive cables such as power lines, telephone lines and data lines.

Tempest Power Filters

Tempest Filters prevent the eavesdropping of confidential information, whilst also providing Surge Protection, all in accordance with international performance standards. 

Pluggable Tempest Filters

The Tempest Pluggable Filters are used within the IT industry as a way of protecting devices such as Printers, Servers and Computers.  A retrofit solution where it is not possible to install the high performance TEMPEST filters into the current infrastructure.

Control & Signal Line Filters

Control Line & Signal Line filtering is implemented to reduce unwanted effects towards electrical equipment. This allows them to work efficiently by suppressing the electrical noise outputted by various connected electrical equipment at high frequencies.

Pipe Penetrations

RF Shielded Penetrations designed, manufactured and installed by EEP. 


Waveguides act as a filter for Electromagnetic Interference and are therefore a crucial component for any shielded building, room or enclosure.

EMP Testing

Considering the vital role of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) protection in a facility, comprehensive testing is essential.