Electromagnetic Shielding

Electromagnetic Field Testing & Surveys

Where an Electromagnetic Field (EMF) problem is visible or suspected, an EMF Test/EMF Survey will be required. EEP can carry out 2D modelling of the EMF emitted from power frequency cables and distribution systems.

Modular Shielded Rooms

Modular Shielded Rooms can be constructed to shield against a variety of threats, whilst always providing maximum shielding performance. EEP are highly experienced in this area and offer a full turnkey solution. 

RF Shielded Doors

RF Shielded Doors, like the Shielded Room, can be constructed to shield against a variety of threats. EEP have extensive experience in the design and construction of doors to meet clients specific needs.

Modular Shielded Cabinets & Shielded Containers

Our custom made Shielded Cabinets & Containers are designed to meet all shielding attenuation RF (Radio Frequency) &  EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) protection requirements.

Power Frequency Magnetic Field Shielding

When Power Frequency Magnetic Fields, created by electrical distribution systems, electromagnets and electric motors, need to be contained or controlled, EEP can design and install shielding.

Architectural Shielding

Architectural Shielding protects buildings from electromagnetic fields using a range of suitable materials bonded directly to the host building. EEP offer a complete service from the design, supply and installation, to the final attenuation testing.

Tempest Shielding

TEMPEST Shielding creates an area that is protected from the emissions of electromagnetic signals; one in which communications – data or voice - can remain secure. 

Data Centre Shielding

External threats to Data Centre come in many forms. Being the backbone of todays society EEP can supply full protection against conducted and radiated electromagnetic interference.


Waveguides act as a filter for Electromagnetic Interference and are therefore a crucial component for any shielded building, room or enclosure.