MRI Medical Shielding

MRI Shielded Rooms - Faraday Cage

An MRI Scanner must be housed within a shielded room which is achieved by constructing a specialised MRI Faraday cage. EEP design, manufacture and install Shielded Rooms, as well as MRI Shielded Windows and Doors.

MRI Quench Pipes

An MRI helium quench system is an important aspect of an MRI examination room. The cryogenic MRI quench system acts as a safety extract for ventilation of helium in an emergency. EEP provides a complete Quench Pipe design, manufacture and installation service.

MRI Magnetic Field Shielding

Shielding against magnetic fields is crucial in any MRI installation for the safety of people, the MRI scanner itself, and other medical equipment in the surrounding area.

MRI Shielded Doors

The most important part of the MRI Shielded Room is the RF (Radio Frequency) Shielded Door which must operate for many years reducing the electronic interference, as well as operating as an acoustic door.

Ionising Radiation Shielding

Ionising Radiation Shielding is crucial for the protection of people from the harmful effects of exposure to Ionising RadiationEEP can provide this type of shielding for a wide range of applications.

Load Bearing Ceilings

Load Bearing Ceilings are required in order to carry moving medical equipment without interfering with other essential services. EEP offers a turnkey solution in this area.

Electrical Filtering for Medical Applications

Powerline Filtering for Medical Applications, including MRI Examination Rooms.

Silentlite LED MRI Lighting

Silentlite®  - A state of the art LED panel lighting system designed specifically for MRI Rooms

Pipe Penetrations

RF Shielded Penetrations designed, manufactured and installed by EEP. 

Silentlite Virtual Skylites & Wall Panels

Silentlite® Virtual Skylites & Wall Panels - A high definition image, decorative panel, mood lighting system.



MRI Scanner Site Requirements Desktop Study

Desktop studies detailing the site requirements for all major MRI scanner manufacturers.

Fluctuating Magnetic Field Surveys & Vibration Measurement Surveys

Site surveys to confirm the location of a new MRI scanner meets the scanner manufacturers site requirements.

Shielding Effectiveness Testing & Earth Isolation Measurement Testing

Onsite testing to determine whether the shielded room / faraday cage meets the scanner manufacturers requirements.

Shielding Effectiveness on Magnetic Shielding

Post installation of the Magnetic Field Shielding EEP can carry out Shielding Effectiveness Testing on the magnetic field shield.