Testing & Support Services

Consultancy & Design

EEP offer organisations a breadth of Consultancy and Design expertise, where all safety critical matters can be coordinated by our highly skilled team.

EMP Testing

Considering the vital role of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) protection in a facility, comprehensive testing is essential.

Gas Tight Door Pressure Testing

Post installation, EEP can undertake a wide range of Gas Tight Door Pressure Testing Services in accordance with the BS EN 1023:2016 test method, or to clients specific testing requirements.

MRI Scanner Site Requirements Desktop Study

Desktop studies detailing the site requirements for all major MRI scanner manufacturers.

Fluctuating Magnetic Field Surveys & Vibration Measurement Surveys

Site surveys to confirm the location of a new MRI scanner meets the scanner manufacturers site requirements.

Shielding Effectiveness Testing & Earth Isolation Measurement Testing

Onsite testing to determine whether the shielded room / faraday cage meets the scanner manufacturers requirements.

RF Shielding Effectiveness Testing

Shielding Effectiveness Testing on RF Shielded Rooms to determine whether or not the room meets the clients/end users requirements.

Power Frequency Electromagnetic Field Surveys

To ensure a property development located near to large power frequency electrical equipment meets International health & safety standards, a PFMF survey or on-site PFMF site measurement testing may be required.

Shielding Effectiveness on Magnetic Shielding

Post installation of the Magnetic Field Shielding EEP can carry out Shielding Effectiveness Testing on the magnetic field shield.

General Environmental Emissions Surveys

When a developments electronic environment needs to be known EEP can carry out background emission surveys ranging from DC to 96GHz.