Quality Standards

"Our objective is to fully satisfy our customers’ requirements by supplying high quality products and services that are delivered on time at competitive and profitable prices and conform to all current relevant statutory standards."

European EMC Products Limited specialise in:

  • The design, assembly, installation, servicing and testing of RF shielded structures and equipment, including EMI shielding, gas tight doors and specialised mobile electromagnetic pulse protection (EMPP) containers
  • Radio Frequency, magnetic shielding and quench systems for MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanners
  • The design, assembly and installation of ionising radiation protection facilities
  • And the design, assembly and installation of dimmable LED lighting systems

All company personnel strive to increase business volume on an on-going annual basis by responding comprehensively to all potential customer stated requirements, by conducting continuous customer dialogue at all technical and commercial levels and by ensuring that all projects installed and commissioned fully satisfy customers’ operational needs and intentions.

Individual customer projects will be managed and monitored during all phases and dialogue will be maintained with customers during these phases to satisfactory conclusions.

It is the policy of European EMC Products Limited to establish, maintain and develop an effective and efficient Quality Management System that both contributes to the above objectives and conforms with the requirements as defined in BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

The Quality Management System manual and associated documented procedures outline the activities required of all company personnel to maintain and develop the system to conform with the above.

All staff are required to:

  • Be completely familiar with all procedures related to their activities within the company.
  • Follow and comply with the requirements of all above relevant procedures and objectives.
  • Continually seek to improve both the effectiveness of the company’s focus on customer satisfaction and seek to improve effectiveness of the QM System.

European EMC Products Ltd operates a strict Health & Safety policy and takes all the appropriate precautions to ensure proper handling and storage of lead and other materials on site at all times. This is in addition to meeting the normal Health & Safety practices and standards demanded by statute.