EMP Shielded Doors


European EMC Products design a wide range of Electromagnetic Pulse Shielded Doors to meet all performance levels and applications, both internally and externally. This includes EMP Doors for mobile containers, anechoic chambers and Tempest applications.

In addition to providing high levels of Electromagnetic Pulse Protection, our doors can also be manufactured to provide fire resistance, thermal, acoustic, NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) and blast protection.

As most shielding projects are unique, we adapt our designs to meet your specific needs. All doors are designed for ease of use and maintenance, and comply with all UK, NATO and international security and performance standards.

Our range of bespoke EMP Doors and EMP Shielded Rooms provide the end user with a practical solution in line with technical specification and design requirements.

Furthermore, EEP can manufacture and install a wide range of Penetrations which includes Fibre Optic Pipe Penetrations, Gas and Water Pipes and Air Conditioning Ducts.

Waveguide Vents are also a crucial component for any shielded building, room or enclosure, as they allow air to pass through whilst still attenuating radiated interference. As such, EEP design and manufacture a wide range of steel and aluminium waveguide vents specifically for all shielding applications.